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Christians Divorce

How to Get Divorce for Christians in Pakistan

In Pakistan, any marriage conflicts amongst couples of Christian faith are addressed according to the terms and regulations of the following acts:

  • The Christian Marriage Act 1872
  • Christian Divorce Act 1869
  • The Succession Act 1925

The Christian Divorce Act of 1869 was first introduced by the British during British colonial rule in the subcontinent. This act applies to all sects of Christianity. Christian divorce in Pakistan can be filed in three different ways:

  1. Dissolution of Marriage
  2. Nullity of Marriage
  3. Judicial Separation

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Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution of marriage is a legal proceeding where a valid marriage is dissolved. In Pakistan, under the specifications of laws stated above, a Christian couple can file for divorce on these grounds:

  • Adultery
  • Rape/sodomy/bestiality
  • Marriage to another
  • Converting to another religion
  • Domestic abuse

Specific to adultery, according to the terms of the Christian Divorce Act 1869:

  • a husband can file for dissolution of marriage by charging his wife with adultery
  • a wife can file for dissolution of marriage by providing proof of adultery coupled with bigamy/desertion/cruelty.

Nullity of marriage:

Nullity of marriage in the Christian faith refers to when the marriage is declared null and void, i.e., it is deemed invalid. Where marriage dissolution results from conflicting differences, nullity is when the union has never really taken place (as per civil law).

In Pakistan, the judgment of nullity of marriage for Christians is passed on these grounds:

  • Defect in age (one of the parties is too young)
  • Mental incapacity/incapability of making a sound decision
  • Impotency
  • Marriage between prohibited religions/sects
  • Fraud or force

Judicial Separation

The judicial separation procedure is similar to the Christian divorce procedure. The difference is that the couple remains legally married–but is no longer living together, and typical marital obligations are no longer expected. A judicial separation may be filed similarly to dissolution, i.e., adultery, abuse, and desertion.

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