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Civil litigation is basically any dispute between two parties seeking some compensation, monetary or otherwise. When it comes to family law and civil law in Pakistan, standard legal processes include Muslim marriages, Divorce or Khula, Child Custody, as well as Property and Rent issues.

Do you need a civil litigation lawyer in Pakistan? Bohio Law Associates is a civil law services in Karachi specializing in marital and family law. We offer a range of legal services in these matters, such as legal advice and solutions, documentation support, drawing contracts concerning agreements between plaintiffs and defendants, and additional assistance with disputed issues. We have years of experience, resources, and skills to aid you with your legal matters with high regard for your privacy and well-being.

We have a stellar record of handling civil litigation cases and have worked with families and business entities across the country with impeccable results.

If you need help with one of the most common family law matters in Pakistan—marriage law—we’ve got your solution. From court marriage to online Nikah, we know the ins and outs of marital legal terms in Pakistani Law. All our lawyers specialize in a specific area of family law, so when it comes to marriage law, we connect you to a licensed civil law services professional who has more detailed knowledge of their field.

If you need help with divorce and khula cases, we can give you a complete legal solution. We understand that these issues can be sensitive, which is we take utmost care of your confidentiality needs during divorce law procedures.

We are also reputed as leading law firm lawyers in Pakistan for child custody cases and any entailing issues, such as property guardianship and division. We have trusted connections to real estate agents who aid us with resolving disputes between property owners.

We handle a range of civil litigation cases, including public accommodation discrimination and housing
discrimination. We abide by our principles in all cases—i.e. the consideration toward getting justice for our clients and abiding by all terms of the national law concerning the issue.

Since civil litigation is a vast field, we keep a focus on a few areas—family law services—in order to
devise a comprehensive strategy in each and every case we handle. If you are looking for a reliable legal services provider in Pakistan, Bohio Law Associates will be more than just a source of legal advice. We are dedicated to preparing civil litigation cases with the best possible results that will benefit you in the long run.


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Online Marriage Legal Assistance

Whether it’s about getting married or getting a divorce online, you need the services of an expert court marriage lawyer for this exceptional proceeding.

At Bohio Law Associates, we can provide this assistance.

To move forward with an online marriage, you must have all the legal documentation and fulfil all terms ascertained by the specific authorities and court law of Pakistan for obtaining a valid marriage certificate. In the case of a marriage involving a foreign partner, these terms can be more complex.

This process can be complicated—but you don’t need to worry. Bohio Law Associates can provide you with all the correct information about court marriage in Pakistan. As a couple-to-be, you should be free of any stresses related to incomplete information or invalid marriage documents. We are here to help!

Our online services, accessible in Pakistan and worldwide, include guidance for document collection, including online Nikah, Marriage Registration, NADRA Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, and more.