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Bohio law associates is specialized in variety of cases specially FIA and family cases. We have lawyer for FIA cases in Lahore and our FIA lawyer are very much competent. We are also specialized in field of family cases like Divorce in Pakistan, court marriage & online marriage in Islamabad or Lahore etc. S Qamer & Co have best Advocates in Lahore who are equally experienced in FIA and family cases & is amongst the best FIA lawyer in lahore Pakistan

The federal government of Pakistan have established FIA which is a federal investigation authority in Pakistan headed by Director general in federation and province. FIA have a special mandate in terms of special offence which is dealt by FIA. A schedule is given in FIA act 1974 which provides complete list of those offence in which FIA deals with. This list also includes offences under foreigners act, banking companies ordinance, Custom act, Foreign assets, Passport act, Drug act, Exit control ordinance, Human trafficking, National data base, Money laundering etc. FIA also have separate wings dealing with separate offences and each wing is specialized in their field. Normally the law is that the law enforcement agency first chalk an FIR and then investigate the matter but same is not the case with the FIA. FIA first investigate the matter then chalk an FIR and for the purpose of investigation the investigation officer of FIA send notices to the concerned party and get assistance from the other departments this is the reason that when a challan is submitted by the FIA in court it contains very few defects and the lawyer for FIA cases have to work very hard on the file.


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Online marriage or online divorce are unique legal service which require proper legal documentation under the law and Sharia for effective and valid registration in Pakistan. Whole process requires to fulfil specific terms according to the concerned authorities which can help for immigration and other purposes to update the matrimonial records. There are a lot of websites worldwide but due to lack of knowledge, unaware of legal aspects and specific requirements for online marriage registration or effective divorce documentation caused create the serious complications for newly couples who faces hurdles whenever they process incomplete and invalid documents for any purpose. Bohio Law Associates provide worldwide online service with complete legal documentation including online Nikah, Marriage Registration, NADRA Marriage Certificate, NADRA Divorce Certificate etc. We follow all legal aspects. So, when we serve, you get the best legal service.