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Urdu Nikahnama

Urdu Nikahnama

A vital element of an Islamic marriage, Nikahnama details the terms and conditions of a Nikah, agreed by both the bride and groom. The contract is binding and observed under the law and Shariah of Pakistan.

The process of acquiring a Pakistani Urdu Nikahnama can be a taxing one for many uninformed couples, especially those residing abroad. Traveling back to your native country from the United States, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and other countries to get your marriage contract can be difficult, especially on short notice. For cases such as these, Bohio Law Associates provides services for an online nikah. We have successfully assisted clients nationwide—including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad—and worldwide.

Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961 — Nikah Terms

Pakistani Muslim marriage contracts are drawn up according to the Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961. Under the law’s specifications, the Nikahnama should be registered in the Union Council, which also grants licenses to the Nikah Registrar (nikah Khawan). The Nikah Registrar is tasked to fill the Nikahnama form — which is then duplicated into 4 copies, all signed by proper authorities. The original copy of your Nikahnama is kept as a public record.

In case you misplace your Nikahnama or need to acquire a copy of the Nikahnama for any purpose, you can get it from the Union Council office in your district. The Nikahnama is also necessary for immigration and specific travel purposes

Acquiring & Processing of Your Nikahnama

The Nikahnama is filled out by a Nikah registrar based on the answers provided by the bride and groom. The final step in marriage registration is the NADRA marriage certificate, processed after the Nikahnama is finalized. 

In Pakistan, the original Nikahnama is detailed in the Urdu language. If you need to view the Pakistani Nikahnama form in Urdu, it is available to download from our website in PDF format. We’ve also provided the Nikahnama in English. If you need to get your Urdu Nikahnama translated into any other language, such as Hindi, Arabic, Bangla, or German, we have access to language experts to assist you.

However, be informed that the translated Nikahnama has to be attested by a Magistrate or any other appointed officer.

At Bohio Law Associates, you can find several affordable packages for online Nikah services, such as filling out the Nikahnama, Nikahnama attestation, and processing for travel and immigration purposes worldwide. Reach out to us today for a price quote.


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To move forward with an online marriage, you must have all the legal documentation and fulfill all terms ascertained by the specific authorities and court law of Pakistan for obtaining a valid marriage certificate. In the case of a marriage involving a foreign partner, these terms can be more complex.

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