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Christian Court Marriage

Christian Court Marriage Procedure In Pakistan

If the religion of the wedding couple is Christianity and both desire to get married with the legal protection of court you can contact us for the services of Christian court marriage registration and documentation in Pakistan.

Court marriage for Christian couple has become simple as the Supreme Court recently ordered union councils and National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to register Christian marriages and issue NADRA Marriage Certificate for Christian, respectively, as per law.

So Christian wedding couple are now able to get their marriage registered with the protection of courts in Pakistan.
As per Sections 28, 29, 30 and 37 of the Christian Marriages Act, 1872 (Act) different individuals are authorized to register marriages in the registers maintained by them; once each marriage register is done, the said individuals send copies of the details of the marriages so registered to the Registrar General of Births, Deaths, and Marriages from time to time, according to Section 34 of the Act.

This procedure carried on for quite some time without any issues, but, when union councils were established under the respective local government laws of the provinces, the registration of births, deaths, and marriages is now to be done by union councils. In practice, union councils used to register Christian births and deaths but not Christian marriages. But after the Supreme Court decision in this regard, the Christian marriages now can be registered in Pakistan.

The procedure of Christian Court Marriage in Pakistan

For court marriage for Christians, the first thing needs to be done is to contact a law firm. Once the marriage is solemnized as per Christianity religion the marriage documents will be registered in church and court. These documents can be used anywhere in Pakistan and abroad. Christian court marriage procedure is now made simple by the Christian marriage law. Court marriage procedure in Pakistan is required to be conducted by a competent law firm to avoid issues in the future.

Witnesses Required For Christian Court Marriage in Pakistan

At least two witnesses are needed for the Christian marriage procedure in Pakistan. If you can bring it then it’s good otherwise we can arrange that for you.

Court Marriage between Muslim and Christian

Court marriage between Muslim and Christian is also allowed by the law provided that the groom is Muslim and the bride is Christian. Contact us for conducting the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan for the Christians.


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