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The availability of online Nikah service is unmatched. With many Pakistanis travelling abroad for study and work, travelling back and attending Nikah in person can be tricky and expensive. Online Nikah makes it possible for them to participate in their Nikah proceedings with ease.

Online Nikah is performed according to the Hanafi School of Thoughts. Due to this addition into our Shariah, you can easily get married online with the assistance of a licensed lawyer.

The basic requirement for registering your marriage online in Pakistan is that both you and your spouse-to-be should be citizens of Pakistan.

Unlike the stricter laws of the Muslim countries such as United Arab Emirates, Saudia Arabia and Iraq, Pakistani laws a more lenient for Nikah. For example, the bride can take part in the Nikah without a wali. A special clause in the Nikahnama enables the couple to get married by appointing a vakeel (advocate) for either side.

As a leading team of lawyers specializing in family and marriage, Bohio Law Associates provides complete services for online Nikah, including consultation, document collection, registration and more. We also provide information and services for court marriage procedure.

If you are living abroad and need to register your Nikah in Pakistan, we can provide you with access to legal services. An expert lawyer will process your Nikah documentation on your behalf. 

Online Nikah Procedure

(Nikah ka tareeqa)

Following are the steps to proceed with an online Nikah:

Step 1:

You need to provide (both bride and groom) your NIC or Passport along with supporting documents via email.

Step 2:
As per your convenience and ours we will schedule a date. The couple will join us on video call on the appointed date and time.

Step 3:

During the video call, a Nikah Khawan (Nikah Registrar) recites the Khutba-e-Nikah (Nikah sermon). Following this, he will administer Ijab-o-Qubool (affirmations) in the company of the couple’s vakeels and two Muslim witnesses.

Step 4:

Once the bride and groom have declared their consent, they sign the legal documents (issued by valid authority) to finalize the Nikah and apply for registration. We then move on to registering your Nikahnama and NADRA Marriage Certificate. You can also opt for translation services to get your Urdu nikahnama translated in English or any other language, which are attested by a licensed notary public or foreign affair office.

Once your online Nikah is conducted and all the attestation/legalization processes are completed, we will provide you with the following documents (depending on your payment package) delivered to your doorstep:

  • Registered Nikahnama
  • Copies of the original (Urdu) Nikahnama
  • English/other language Nikahnama (if opted)
  • NADRA Marriage Certificate
  • Attestation from Notary Public / Foreign Affairs
  • Attestation from Concerned Embassy (if opted & confirmed)


At Bohio Law Associates, we work in complete accordance with the departments authorized by Government of Pakistan to process your Nikah documents and related material. Your marriage documents will be submitted to the Union Council and NADRA for record. Rest assured that all the documents you receive are 100% authorized, which you can confirm yourself.

Sharia Requirements for Online Nikah

  1. The bride and groom should be of legal age and non-mehram (to one another prior to Nikah).
  2. Both parties should fully consent to the marriage.
  3. Two witnesses should be present at the time of Nikah.
  4. The “Mehr” (gift of marriage to the bride) should be approved

Online Nikah – FAQ’s

No. Article 35 of Constitution of Pakistan (family protection), as well as Judgment of Federal Shariah Court, have both made it permissible for a Muslim woman to enter a valid Nikah without the presence/permission of a Wali.

The online Nikah is straightforward event. We operate according to the Hanafi School of Thought. We conduct an online Nikah via video call, and complete each requirement of a traditional Nikah:

  1. Consent of both bride and groom
  2. Presence of vakeels/representatives from each side
  3. Presence of two Muslim male representatives
  4. Mehr (dower amount) agreed upon and fulfilled

Another important factor is that the procedure of an online Nikah does not require the bride or groom to be present themselves. The vakeel can accept the Nikah on their behalf, and it is deemed legal and in accordance with the Shariah.

The Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961 requires registration of all marriages, online or otherwise. You need to produce the following documents:

  1. Copy of the Nikahnama
  2. CNIC/other identification of both bride and groom
  3. Copy of father’s CNIC (for both parties)
  4. Copy of the Nikah Khawan (Nikah Registrar) CNIC

We require the following documents from both bride and groom to conduct an online Nikah:

  1. Identification (NIC/NICOP/B-Form/Passport)
  2. Identification of witnesses

Yes. We have access to experts in English, Hindi, Bangla, German, Arabic, French and other languages, and can get you a translated copy of your Nikahnama in any language you want.


Yes. However, we highly recommend against it, since it is unlawful in Pakistan. Registering your Nikah is imperative, not only provide proof of marriage for living, travel and other purposes, but also to avoid any legal action/fines/imprisonment.

Yes. Bohio Law Associates offers both Muslim and Christian Court Marriage services. You can contact us to find out more about the procedure


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Online Marriage Legal Assistance

Whether it’s about getting married or getting a divorce online, you need the services of an expert court marriage lawyer for this exceptional proceeding.

At Bohio Law Associates, we can provide this assistance.

To move forward with an online marriage, you must have all the legal documentation and fulfill all terms ascertained by the specific authorities and court law of Pakistan for obtaining a valid marriage certificate. In the case of a marriage involving a foreign partner, these terms can be more complex.

This process can be complicated—but you don’t need to worry. Bohio Law Associates can provide you with all the right information about court marriage in Pakistan. As a couple-to-be, you should