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Criminal Litigation

Criminal Litigation

Criminal litigation is the legal practice that covers the aspects of rules and regulations that define the actions that come under a crime. When an individual intentionally or unintentionally fails to adhere to commands covered by the law, he or she commits a crime—and the state assigns a prosecutor to take the stand against the alleged culprit.

Pakistan has a detailed law concerning criminal law, covering most aspects of factors that contribute to a crime. A legal services provider with expertise in criminal law is up-to-date on all terms and conditions. The majority of statutes concerning criminal law in the country are covered by the Pakistan Penal Code 1860 and the Criminal Procedure Code 1898. The latter defines the types of crimes and their penalties, while the former is specifically related to the procedure following an offense.

To understand the law and implement it in the correct way for defending allegations against them, an individual needs legal expertise. Hence, the reason for criminal litigation.

Do you need a criminal litigation lawyer in Pakistan? Bohio Law Associates provides services for various criminal cases. We have extensive experience in handling matters related to felonies, misdemeanors, and miscarriages—with satisfying results for our clients. The procedure of criminal law can be a taxing one if you do not have the right information regarding your rights, which is why we do the leg work for you. Our criminal law services involve document collection, advice, and complete assistance with court procedures. Our lawyers ensure that their clients spend the process alone in lockup, and are united with their loved ones for support. They make sure that the client’s safety and confidentiality come first in all aspects of a criminal litigation matter.

Why Choose Bohio Law?

As leading law firm lawyers in Pakistan, we are your one-stop solution for legal expertise related to various litigation matters. In addition to criminal litigation, we also offer civil litigation services throughout Pakistan. We provide our services in all major cities in Pakistan. The best part of choosing Bohio Law Associates is that you can find the ease of online consultation and communication.

We provide criminal law services in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan in cases concerning intellectual property rights violations, financial frauds, forgery/imitation/piracy, cyber crime, drug violations, customs laws, breach of trust, and more. We are also experts in FIA matters, and help our clients navigate through the specifics of their cases concerning the commands of the said authority.

Criminal Law Services Online

At Bohio Law Associates, we believe that every individual deserves a fair chance at trial regardless of the charges they face. This is why we offer top-notch legal experts in criminal litigation with affordable fees and convenience of communication. We have a strong presence in all major cities in Pakistan, and the kind of influence and connections needed to better prepare cases for all our clients.

We offer online law consultation throughout Pakistan, as well as worldwide. As legal experts with attorneys specializing in family matters such as online Nikkah, we have developed a reputation abroad for legal services.

Reach out to us anytime. Whether you are at your home or sorting out matters at your local police station, we can assist you. Submit a form or call our number to speak to our legal team.


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Online Marriage Legal Assistance

Online marriage or online divorce are unique legal service which require proper legal documentation under the law and Sharia for effective and valid registration in Pakistan. Whole process requires to fulfil specific terms according to the concerned authorities which can help for immigration and other purposes to update the matrimonial records. There are a lot of websites worldwide but due to lack of knowledge, unaware of legal aspects and specific requirements for online marriage registration or effective divorce documentation caused create the serious complications for newly couples who faces hurdles whenever they process incomplete and invalid documents for any purpose. Bohio Law Associates provide worldwide online service with complete legal documentation including online Nikah, Marriage Registration, NADRA Marriage Certificate, NADRA Divorce Certificate etc. We follow all legal aspects. So, when we serve, you get the best legal service.