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Legal drafts Services includes online Marriage legal documentation and Divorce Legal documentation. The services are being provided for Pakistani community living abroad and at home. Our online drafting service for all types of Legal Documents related with the Property and Family Litigations like family settlements. Divorce / Separation, Child custody, Property transfer, Tenancy Agreements and Money Disputes. The Online Drafting Services especially provided for Pakistanis living abroad are sometimes found to have problems with their property and family disputes.

Our Online Drafting Service includes all type of Deed / Agreements / Indentures i.e. Family Settlement, Divorce, Separation, Khula, Child Custody, Property Sale, Conveyance, Transfer, Exchange, Assignment, Relinquishment, Surrender, Release, Lease, Sub-leases, Rectification, Redemption, General / Special Power of Attorneys. We also drafts all type Declarations, Affidavits and other Legal Documents like Applications, Suits, Objections, Petitions, Revisions, to proceed in Original, Appellate, Revisional or Constitutional Jurisdiction before any Tribunal or Court upto Supreme Court of Pakistan.

We also drafting and appearing before the Courts being attorney on behalf of our Clients to settle and resolves the all disputes and relating with the legal issues for Pakistani community in the light of Law promulgated in Pakistan such as Rent laws, Transfer of Property law, law of Succession, Family Law (Divorce Law, Child Custody, Inheritance Law) and Specific relief Act etc. We further offer services in other fields of Commercial law including law of Contract, Companies and partnership law and Banking laws in Pakistan, which shall be according to Pakistani laws and solely depend upon the information provided to our legal experts. If you are seeking our Online Services for legal drafting and documentation, you have to provide us all required informations via Online Form which includes parties names & addresses, property discriptions and all specific terms you want to include in your document to be drafted by us. We’ll reply you with drafted document within a period of 2-3 working days.


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Online Marriage Legal Assistance

Online marriage or online divorce are unique legal service which require proper legal documentation under the law and Sharia for effective and valid registration in Pakistan. Whole process requires to fulfil specific terms according to the concerned authorities which can help for immigration and other purposes to update the matrimonial records. There are a lot of websites worldwide but due to lack of knowledge, unaware of legal aspects and specific requirements for online marriage registration or effective divorce documentation caused create the serious complications for newly couples who faces hurdles whenever they process incomplete and invalid documents for any purpose. Bohio Law Associates provide worldwide online service with complete legal documentation including online Nikah, Marriage Registration, NADRA Marriage Certificate, NADRA Divorce Certificate etc. We follow all legal aspects. So, when we serve, you get the best legal service.